Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Camping Equipment Can Make or Break Your Trip

Do you enjoy camping in the great outdoors? Before you spend a night or several nights in the wilderness, there are some basic things that you should prepare yourself with for the trip. Camping equipment comes in a variety of types and price ranges. With a little bit of research, you can make your trip a comfortable and affordable one.

Shelter is of primary importance when planning a camping trip. One thing you can never truly depend on is the type of weather you will encounter. You will want a cover for when the elements get bad and for sleeping. Unless you have a camper, a tent will provide you with the protection you will need. There are many different tents to choose from. In addition to different shaped and constructed models, there are different seasoned tents, and single sectioned tents or multi-sectioned tents for families. There are tents, which can accommodate different numbers of people also.

Sleeping is another area to address. A sleeping bag is a staple of a camping trip. But if the ground is just not good for your aging body, you can also get a sleeping pad to provide a little more softness. Also available are air mattresses and even cots. Each will provide different levels of comfort depending on your needs and wants.

Cooking is another area where equipment is needed. When camping, it's not like you can go out to eat, as the nearest restaurant might be quite a drive. And your area may not be covered under delivery from the nearest pizzeria. Besides, eating out and ordering in is not camping. Cooking in the outdoors is what camping is about. You can do this over a fire pit, but camping stoves are available to make it easier. You can also purchase grills or Dutch ovens to fulfill your needs in this area. Special pots and pans made of cast iron to endure harsh treatment are also available to help you in your cooking chores.

Since you will be cooking, you will need to also bring food. Coolers are vital. Food must be kept cold if it is perishable. Camping coolers are durable and protect your food items. They have latches to secure the lid, are rust resistant and can drain without tilting.

Since you will probably not have the option of electricity, lanterns are quite valuable in the extreme darkness campsites may offer. Warding off an intruder in the middle of the night or a trip to the bathroom at 2 a.m. will necessitate some light for maneuvering. Some lanterns have built in nightlights and are weather resistant. They can also be recharged.

If you are going to be doing any hiking, then you will want to take a backpack. This way you can easily transport, on your back, any equipment you may need. This will allow your hands to be free when climbing.

Camping equipment makes camping easier and more enjoyable. There are many items available from specialty camping stores and general department stores. Decide what you want and need and look around. You will find items you didn't even know were offered. And items that have been around for years are constantly being improved upon. Make your camping trip a good one. Go out and find what is available. By having durable equipment you will have the best.
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