Saturday, February 24, 2007

Kenya Adventure Tours and safaris; the Extreme Kenya Adventure safari

The snow-copped 5000m+ Mt Kenya is a challenge to many seasoned mountain climbers. There are several built-up resting camps as well as marked climbing routes. Climbing gear and guides are hired at base camp for the 5-6 day climb.

Bungee Jumping adventure tour

Bungee jumping and white water rafting is done 50 km from Nairobi town at Sagana/ that is along the upstream of Tana River.

Biking adventure Safaris

Biking is usually organized activity within wildlife areas from your lodge. Trekking game tours are also done in community group ranches in the Maasai Mara area.

White Water rafting adventure tours

There is a white water rafting spot near the Aberdare Mountains at Sagana. The Savage adventure facility hires out rubber dinghy for rafting the over 3 km of raging river Sagana. Accommodation is provides in tents and other activities include bungee jumping and cliff diving into the river.

Rock climbing adventures

Rock climbing is offered just a few kilometres from Nairobi. Other hiking and walking venues include Mt. Longonot, Suswa and Ol Donyo Sabuk. These are one day trekking and hiking adventure safaris and need not be strenuous.

Other adventure tours include the over Lander camping, off the beaten truck trips. These camping tours usually involve covering larger areas and gets more interior, takes longer days but is also the most rewarding.

Adventure tours will usually include camping in mobile 1-2 man tent units. Catering is provided while transport is by over Landers and or trucks.

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