Monday, January 22, 2007

Ice Climbing Overview

Along with the normal weekend excursions to ski slopes, many are now starting to hit the frozen waterfalls. For many outdoor enthusiasts ice climbing is becoming one of the newest ways to enjoy the outdoors. Experts claim that if you can climb a ladder you can scale an ice-covered summit. One of the great things about ice climbing is that it does not require much upper body strength so that people of all ages and fitness levels can participate.

Ice climbing is the recreational activity of climbing ice formations. Ice climbing is a derivative of mountain climbing, and can be fairly difficult. It began in the early days of mountain climbing when climbers would come across hard water ice in the gullies and faces of their climbing terrain. The techniques of ice climbing advanced with the difficulty of the ice attempted. Even today a popular form of ice climbing is the climbing of frozen waterfalls. This was made possible with the arrival of the modern ice tool designed.