Friday, March 9, 2007

2007 BMW M5 - The Ultimate Sport Sedan

The 2007 BMW M5, if it is going to be based on the regular sedan 5 series, is an equipment with a 5 liter V10 that gives out a 500 horse power of 7,750 revolutions per minute (RPM) and a torque of 383 pound / feet at 6100 RPM. The BMW engine takes the vehicle from 0 to around 60 in about 4.8 seconds. Likewise, available are two transmissions.

A sequential shifting automated gearbox (or SMG) that is a seven-speeder provides 11 varieties of settings that govern speed, shift point and clutch slip. There is a new option of a six-speed manual for this year; an exclusive to vehicles that are imported to the North American region. This can be availed for free by BMW drivers who seek the traditional school thrills and excitement that only a manual transmission can provide.

The chassis of the 2007 BMW M5 puts heavy emphasis on the car’s performance, but do not expect high technology aids such as the run-flat tire and active steering found in other 5 Series vehicles. Instead, the set-up is with a finely-tuned and all-aluminum suspension and gigantic breaks of 14.7 inches of discs. With the BMW M5, you can also get the Electronic Damping Control, the purpose of which is to allow you to select any of the suspension settings – the Normal, Comfort and Sport settings. The ride you will experience, even when in Comfort settings, is very much well-controlled. On the other hand, the Normal mode provides you an aggressive ride while the Sport setting is perfectly useful on a smooth-as-a-glass racetrack. The current ring tax vehicle which is utilized to provide passengers an exciting taste of high-speed thrills at the Nürburgring of Germany is a BMW M5.

The standard safety equipment of a BMW M5 includes an active front head restraint, a tire pressure monitor, a head protection feature and side impact airbags for the vehicle’s front seats. Optional are side impact airbags for passengers at the back of the car. The system on stability control which is programmed to enjoy performance driving is also a regular feature, as are the gargantuan four-wheel brakes with electronic brake cornering, stability and proportioning enhancements. The BMW M5 received an impressive Good rating, the highest possible rating to be received in IIHS crash testing.

The 2007 BMW M5 effortlessly outshines the rest of the competition in terms of over-all performance. The 2007 BMW M5 is a leader when we speak of slalom speed, quarter-mile times and braking distance. Just as important is the M5’s V10 that requires more involvement of the driver than the V8 features present on its rivals, the Cadillac STS-V and Mercedes Benz E63. The newest Audi S6 is able to match the BMW M5’s cylinder count, but still is less impressive in torque and horsepower, and definitely weighs more. While Mercedes, Cadillac and Audi are all impressive cars in their own right, the 2007 BMW M5 is undeniably the ultimate in sport sedans.