Monday, March 19, 2007

Diving in Kota Kimbalu

Kota Kimbalu is located in Southeast Asia, next to Mountain Kinabalu, the tallest mountain in the region. This area’s water is crystal clear and offers a beautiful environment not only for divers but for those who enjoy sea related activities in general as well. If you enjoy outdoors activities and being in touch with the nature, Kota Kimbalu would be a good choice for your vacations.

The main Kota Kimbalu attraction is the wide range of outdoors activities which visitors can practice while being in it. These activities include not only diving and sea related sports but several other ones which might be sport related as well as a wide range of entertainments in general.

One of the main outdoor activities which visitors can practice in Kota Kimbalu is mountain climbing. This area is famous for the practice of this activity and constantly receives visitors from many different points of the world who come with the purpose to practice it. Mountain Kinabalu is very famous among mountain climbers of the entire world and therefore there is an important amount of visitors who approach this area attracted by this mountain and the challenge of climbing it.

Besides rock climbing, there are several other outdoor activities available for tourists of all ages and preferences. Among these activities we can name, for example, biking, bird watching, swimming, water rafting, snorkeling and diving among many other sea related sports.

Kota Kimbalu's waters are crystal clear and usually warm. This way, this area's waters are very inviting for practicing a variety of sports and water related activities, among which some of the most requested ones we can name are diving and swimming. Those who enjoy spending time on the beach and relaxing while enjoying a beautiful landscape can find in this area a great place where to fulfill their wishes.

Diving in Kota Kimbalu is a very interesting experience due to the uniqueness of the environment which surrounds the area. Divers can view mountains while being on the water surface as well as enjoy an amazing underwater world full of colors and beautiful creatures.

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