Thursday, March 1, 2007

Climbing America’s Finest

Mountain climbingis one of the more challenging things to do in the US. Though a lot of things have introduced more sedentary lifestyle in the US and less inclination to do outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, it still does not diminish the fact that America has a lot of mountain climbing spots to boast of, and all it takes is an ounce of determination and a good eye for detail in order to find one.

Few people today embark on mountain climbing journeys especially in the US. You can definitely expect more exclusivity to the mountains in certain seasons. Do make inquiries on the place itself before going. Make sure that you have made a reservation of sorts before going there.

Mountain climbing is rewarding as much as it can get pretty tiring especially to those who are new to the activity. One of the best ways to prepare for climbing the best mountains includes having the proper gear. While you are at it, make sure that you also have a good background of your intended hiking route. These two things will ensure your safety even as you go up the heights in your climbing activity. Ample amounts offood and drinks to help you on your way up, as well as fun traveling companions will help lessen the pressure and allow you to have fun while shedding of pounds and reaching for mountain summits.

One of the best stops when looking for mountain climbing venues in the US would have to be Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. The picturesque scenery might as well remind you of the Marlboro man in the commercial some years back, and it is even better when you see it with your own eyes, and climb its summit and view everything from the top. The entire state of Colorado boasts that almost half of its landscape is a mountain-filled region. You can definitely take your pick and climb as much as you want for as long as you can do so.

If you want a literally cooler alternative, you may also want to try climbing the mountains in Denali, Alaska. You will need more than just the proper hiking gear. It will also require great stamina and capacity to survive in freezing temperatures. It is truly the acid test of every mountain climber in the US, but the ultra-picturesque view from the top may just convince you that it’s worth all the danger and the cold.

Arizonais also a good place to frequent for US mountain climbers. Climbing schools even abound in this area which makes it a good spot for training mountain climbing enthusiasts as well. As Denali is icy, Arizona mountains are extremely rocky and will require extra muscles and rigorous weight training before you get to climb them. It takes more than just aplomb and determination in climbing, but also an alertness against sharp edges which characterizes the terrain. Ironically, the jagged edges actually adds up to the basis of the mountains’ appeal in the sense that there is greater delight reaching its top after working so painstakingly hard for it.