Saturday, March 17, 2007

Buyers Guide To Climbing Gear

There are only two directions where the climber can go when scaling a mountain. This is either up or down. This hobby is certainly not for those who are afraid of heights and can only be done with the right training and equipment.

Climbing gear can be found in the department store but if the customer wants a wide array of goods, the best is still the specialty store. Some of the well known brands are Black Diamond, Petzl, Nike and Merrel.

The person should like at the following things to be sure these will work when climbing or descending.

1. Shoes and boots are one of the most important things needed when climbing. This will allow enable the climber to get a foothold on the surface before going any further. The fit shouldnt be too lose or too tight since this will be very uncomfortable in the field.

The right size can be by being familiar with the sizing of a particular brand then walking with this in the selling area before taking it home.

There are three types of climbing shoes in the market. These are unlined, lined leather and synthetic. It is advisable to avoid purchasing the unlined one since this will stretch by a centimeter or so after frequent use.

2. The person should never leave home without a climbing harness. There are versions for men, women and children that are designed to handle different body types. The most important thing to remember is that this should go well according to the shape of the climbers body.

The best indicator is if this goes well in the waist right above the hip bones and around the legs. It will be a good idea to wear this with the proper clothing before the climb to know this is right gear before the climb.

3. When the individual is not free climbing, some rope will be needed. There are two types namely single or double. The person should ask the sales clerk if this can handle the customers weight and gear to be sure this will work.

It will be a good idea to buy more than the required length in case it is needed. Some stores give discounts after a few feet that can save the trip of going back to the store before going on another trip.

4. Climbing in a group, there are instances that debris from above might hit those in the group below. It is advisable then to buy a sturdy helmet for protection. Some of these products have brochures showing the strength that can also be explained by the sales clerk. One brand should be compared with another before paying this at the counter.

5. A good bag should be able to hold all the gear for the duration of the trip. The person should check if this has a lot of pockets to hold small stuff, if this is waterproof and if it is easy to put on.

The best bag should the kind that can easily be clipped onto the harness that makes it easy to put on or take off after traveling a certain distance.

6. What goes up must come down. Belay devices should be purchased to control the movement of the rope. Some rope can be tested with this to make sure it is smooth and will not cut especially when carrying a climber or equipment.

7. Rocky surfaces need something sharp such as a camming device for those in the group to move further. This should be sharp and difficult to take out so that it locks into place preventing accidents from happening for those below.

8. Carabiners are also another essential for climbers. The person should check if this can be locked or unlocked easily making it easy to attach rope for others in the group to follow.

9. Climbing holds provide the climber a better grip on the surface before going any further. Some shops have a make shift rock that can be tested there to make sure it can handle the pressure.

10. Lastly, the individual should always have some nuts that is another thing that can be inserted in small spaces in between the rocks. There should a lot just in case the camming device cannot work.

Climbing is considered to be a breath taking sport because of the physical and mental challenges it offers to people. Having the right gear is the first step in making the trip to the top successful.