Tuesday, March 6, 2007

When Looking For Good Climbing Shoes

The type of climbing shoes you want depend greatly on your purpose for acquiring them, because there are several variants of this shoe. There is nothing more important to a rock climber than acquiring proper climbing shoes. Therefore, it is vital to exercise great caution in the selection of the right type of footwear for your intended trip.

Normally, accomplished climbers have many pairs of climbing shoes, such as hiking boots, and climbing spikes for vertical climbs which are the most difficult ones to do. Novice climbers should consult experts who can recommend at least one pair of correct shoe to purchase.

The tradition multi-purpose climbing shoes are not quite different from hiking footwear. These climbing shoes have features like tough treads and somewhat solid soles which sometimes make them unsuitable for extended walks, but only fit for uphill hiking and vertical climbing.

Purchasing these variant of climbing shoes is usually a matter of choosing a middle way between two extremes, so you need to be careful when selecting them. Generally, the harder ones offer more support for difficult hiking and climbing, but they won't be suitable for prolonged hiking and normal trekking, this explains why climbers tend to acquire more shoes.

Cramptons are spikes that are attached to different boots for special climbing’s, like ice climbing’s. Most climbers do not give much attention to this type of climbing shoes but rather concentrate on those with more fundamental applications. Let's face it, people really don't need any sharp object on their climbing shoes unless it is necessary, as such can be a source of injuries.

And if such thing like vertical scaling of rock faces is not your scene, but you only do some steep trails that occasionally requires surmounting boulders, then there is no need for you to acquire specialized climbing shoes.

Hiking boots are suitable and will do just fine. These come in varying types, but as long as they are convenient, and well made, will do for day hiking over reasonable safe trails. Using them for long trips however can make things more difficult.